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Stretch film is currently used in a wide range of fields, such as electronics, chemicals, auto parts, daily necessities, food and other industries, but it has many uses in life No one knows, today I will share with you some tips for applying it in life, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. The remote control is easy to get dirty. Wrap the remote control with a stretch film and blow tightly with a hair dryer to make a good dust-proof clothing for the remote control.

Second, stick a layer of stretch film on the top of the refrigerator, change it after a period of time, you can keep the top of the refrigerator clean and save the need to wipe it every day.

Three, keep the information. Wrap the more important paper materials in the family, such as graduation certificates, with stretch film, press away the air forcefully, reduce the volume, and make it difficult to oxidize and turn yellow, and the transparent stretch film is easy to find at a glance; Sheets of materials, such as award certificates, collective graduation photos, etc., are rolled up compactly, stuffed into a paper core of stretch film, and then wrapped with stretch film.

Four, protect the range hood. Wipe the surface of the range hood clean, cover it with a stretch film, and replace it every certain period of time to eliminate the need to wipe the upper wall of the range hood.

Fifth, the stretch film is a good keyboard protective film, which can protect the notebook computer from the bad keyboard wear caused by the lack of film.

Six. The stretch film is placed in the oil box of the range hood, so that when there is oil, just take it out and throw it away.