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How to remove the residual glue of stretch film? Some manufacturers will add a lot of tackifying masterbatches to ensure the self-adhesiveness of the stretch film, resulting in too strong stickiness of the stretch film, and may even leave something similar to glue after uncovering the stretch film. Removal, this is a headache for us, so how should we solve this problem? Don't worry, stretch film manufacturers have a way to solve this problem.

1. Wipe after heating with hair dryer

The hair dryer heats the offset printing hair dryer to its maximum heat, blows against the tape marks for a while to make it gradually soft, and then wipes it off with a harder eraser or a soft cloth. Scope of application: Suitable for items with relatively small tape traces and long-lasting offset printing, but the items must have satisfactory heat resistance.

2. Wipe after soaking in alcohol

Medical Alcohol Soaking Offset Printing Drop some medical alcohol on the surface of the mark, soak it for a while, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Of course, items with traces of tape must not be corroded by alcohol. Similarly, if you have expired perfume or astringent lotion, it can also be used to replace alcohol, because there is a certain alcohol content here, and the two can be applied to any item, after all, the alcohol content inside will not be too much. many. Scope of application: the surface of items that are not easily corroded.

3. Wipe after soaking in nail polish remover

The nail polish remover is the most useful and always-used method to remove offset printing. No matter how long the "history" is and how large the area is for offset printing, drip some nail polish remover for girls to clean nail polish, soak it for a while, then wipe it with a paper towel to ensure that the surface of the item is as clean as new. But there is a problem. Because nail polish remover is very corrosive, it cannot be used on the surface of articles that are afraid of corrosion, such as painted furniture, laptop casings, etc. Therefore, although the nail polish remover removes the tape traces, you must pay attention to maintaining the items with traces from corrosion. Scope of application: Offset printing has long-lasting, large-area, difficult-to-clean, and non-corrosive surfaces.

4. Glue remover

"Glue remover" is also called "self-adhesive remover". It is sold in some auto parts shops. After spraying, the marks can be wiped off quickly. Scope of application: large-area offset printing that is difficult to remove, but if you don't usually encounter the trouble of tape marks, there is no need to buy a bottle specially.

Many adhesive tapes, glues, and stretched films can be removed using the above methods. We know that this kind of residual glue is more stubborn and difficult to remove. We will definitely remove it. It is not cleaned up all at once. It takes patience. For some large areas of residual glue, we can only use a glue remover to help us.