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Main camp:stretch film, stretch film, wire film, electrostatic film, film protective film, etc

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Dongguan Zhiteng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes new and old customers to inquire and visit! We will provide you with excellent products and preferential prices.

Dongguan Zhiteng Plastic Product Co., Ltd, we have over 21 years(from 2001) experience of packaging , catering to the industrial product market. We are one of the biggest factories located in Dongguan City (near Shenzhen and Guangzhou), mainly offering stretch wrap film and related products, with 11 production lines and 1500tons monthly output. Our products enjoy a good reputation among customers from USA, Japan, Europe, Austrilia etc. All the items are certified by RoHS & ISO 9001.

Main products are like manual stretch film, auto stretch film, bundling stretch film, handy film, pre-stretched film, color film and printing film. The range of film is from 40mm-2000mm width, 6mic-80mic thickness and 50m-6000m length. The elongation can reach 350%-800%. It's widely used in wrapping electronic building materials, chemical industry, metal product, auto accessories, electrical wire, cable paper, commodity etc.

Our management motto:

Can't change the environment, change yourself; Can not change the facts, change the attitude;

Can not change the past, change the present: If you want to change the world, first change yourself!

Want the child to change start by me! Love to change, I start!

Want boss to change, begin by me! Want subordinate to change,begin by me!

To change the team, I start! To change the company, I start!

Zhiteng corporate culture construction and planningArmy · school· Home

Pursue customer satisfaction
To build a career with precision, to win with quality,customer first.
Provide better product quality
Be proficient in technical skills, and do in detail;industry being in diligence and keeping in good faith.
Save costs for customers
Innovation, breakthrough, stable quality, implementation of practical management to improve efficiency.
Create a better life
Perseverance in service and quality Strive for excellence.

In order for Zhiteng to fight for the stock rise in ten years, we regard our team as an iron army. The school manages the family warmth and special system as follows:

Business philosophy: cherish the relationship and fate of acquaintance

Corporate vision: to become a super enterpris benefiting the society

Enterprise mission: to promote the progress of winding film industry and the development of logistics industry

Enterprise positioning: to become the world's most cost-effective winding film manufacturer

Enterprise spirit: teamwork, for development, never leave, create brilliance together

Enterprise values: cherish, cherish, trust and win-win

Factory training: to be good, to be up, to respect and to respect

Four Advantages21 Years Of Dedicated Service; The Source Of Stretch Film Factory

    21 years experience of producing stretch filmStrong Factory ; good service ; on-time delivery



    We focus on the production of novel packaging products like stretch film, with 21 years

    of production and management experience. The company has professional technicians,

    reliable production technology and equipment, with scientific and perfect management system,

    in the fierce market competition, we pay special attention to quality, willing to provide

    good products and services for the majority of users, to create a better future together!


    Stretch film can be customizedOur film can be customized according to the customers’requirement.


    02.custom made

    Both the appearance and the actual quality of the products have reached the professional level.

    Products can be produced to different specifications according to customer requirements.

    Zhiteng has obtained SGS reports which meet ROHS standard and we passed ISO9001 quality

    management system certification.

    Custom made

    Strict quality proceduresWith a number of qualification certificates, the product style is rich



    Over the past ten years, we have passed a number of qualification verification and obtained the

    national high-tech enterprise certificate;Zhiteng uses a full set of imported machinery and

    equipment, imports high quality raw materials for production, adopts advanced production

    technology in order to develop;I has perfect testing system and strict quality control system.

    Strict quality procedures

    Providing excellent after-sales service7*24 hours professional online service in order to answer your problems


    04.After sale

    We have long-term and in-depth cooperation with a number of well-known logistics industry, to

    ensure timely delivery of products, save time and cost! Adhering to the concept of integrity

    first and customer quality, we have set up a complete online service system. We have professional

    sales for your questions and answers with one-to-one service. And we are dedicated to providing

    our customers with efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.

    After sale
  • Strong

    21 Years ExperienceStrong factory;on-time delivery

  • Customized

    It can be customizedCustomized according to customer needs

  • Strict quality procedures

    Superior qualityHaving a number of qualification certificates

  • After sale

    Excellent after-sales service24 hours professional online service

Zhiteng wrapping film successful casesOur wraping film is widely used in electronics,papermaking and other industries. There are more then 3000 successful customization cases

Customer Hotline:+86-136-6988-6090

  • Application in the field ofwarehouse and logistics

  • Application in the field ofPaper industry

  • Application in the field offood packaging

  • Application in the field ofOverall packaging of daily chemicals

  • Application in the field ofwire and cable packaging

  • Application in the field ofauto parts packaging

  • Application in the field ofBuilding materials integrated packaging

  • More wrapping filmApplications

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