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Stretch film should not be overheated and stretched. Although stretch film can be applied to packaging in many industries, there are still some problems when we use stretch film. For example, when the stretch film was packaged, the stretch film was still good when it was originally packaged, but after a period of time after the packaging was packaged, it was gradually broken or the molding quality was poor. Why?

If we heat the stretch film before packaging, it may be caused by insufficient heating of the heating plate or the heating temperature does not match the stretch film. When the film is too high, the film Sticking to the heat-sealing plate will increase the haze of the film, and the stretch forming will be partially thin. When the heating temperature is too low, the film heating temperature is low, the film cannot reach the stretching temperature, and the film is broken after stretching. If it is not stretched after heating with a heating plate, it may be caused by excessive stretching.

If the above-mentioned situations occur, we can divide them into different types to deal with. If it is because of the problem of the heating plate, we can solve the problem of the heating plate first. If the heating capacity is not enough, we need to first Repair the heating plate so that it can be used after heating normally, so as to ensure the normal supply of heat. Secondly, if the heating plate is overheated, the temperature of the heating plate can be adjusted to keep it within the normal and appropriate range. The deep stretched film should be stretched with a thicker film, and the shallow stretched film should be thinner. The film is stretched to ensure product quality and reduce production costs.

Due to the special materials used to make the stretch film, although the stretch ductility of the stretch film is very good, it should not be overstretched. If it is too stretched, it will still cause problems for the stretch film.