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How does the error of stretch film occur? In order to facilitate the transportation of goods, they are wrapped with stretch film, which not only protects the goods to a certain extent, but also ensures that the collision between the goods is reduced and the transportation of the goods is safer. However, we have found that some stretch films often have some errors when they are used. Although these errors do not affect the use, they are sometimes really unfriendly to us obsessive-compulsive disorder. So how do these errors come about?

We know that cars are inspected every year. Cars that fail the annual inspection will be deducted points and fined. After an accident, the insurance company will not pay compensation, and even if it is not inspected for a long time, it will be forcibly scrapped. As for the manufacturing machinery of stretch film, there is also an annual inspection, but the annual inspection of stretch film production machinery is not as strict as that of vehicles, and there will be no such severe penalties. Therefore, many stretch film manufacturers often conduct annual inspections of production machinery. If you can hide, you can hide, because annual inspection also requires costs. The cost of an annual inspection of a machine can range from hundreds to thousands of thousands. These costs are the additional expenses of stretch film manufacturers every year, so many manufacturers choose Avoid annual inspections and save costs to increase profits. It is inevitable that some small errors will occur when the machinery is not inspected and repaired all the year round. In fact, even new machinery will have errors, but sometimes errors caused by new machinery. It is impossible to observe without careful observation.

In most cases, the errors produced by the stretch film machinery will not affect normal use, but we still want to choose to buy stretch stretch films with small errors, so we still choose a large manufacturer such as Zhiteng to buy stretch film Membrane products are more secure.