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4Company news

1. Various volatiles gathered on the top of the oven and the air duct fall onto the film.

2. The filter is damaged, the impurity content of the cast piece is high, and the extrusion and longitudinal stretching temperature are set incorrectly;

3. The deviation of the crystallization and orientation of the cast piece is too large; there are obvious horizontal stripes and bubbles on the cast piece;

4. There are obvious horizontal stripes and bubbles on the cast piece; the chain clip is damaged during the production process;

5. The raw materials contain impurities with large performance differences (such as low molecular weight oil, etc.);

6. Various inconspicuous factors of membrane rupture before transverse tension are further expanded (longitudinal thickness fluctuations, etc.), causing excessive strain in local areas;

7. Leaking material on the head and crushing of the kun surface; improper setting of extrusion and longitudinal stretching temperature.

The most suitable stretch film purchase should be selected:

Many industries, families, and individuals often want to buy materials and daily necessities abroad, thinking that the quality of foreign countries is better, including the purchase of stretch film, but in fact, as the use of stretch film, you should choose The most suitable for business use.

From the standpoint of purchasing, the most suitable quality is required, not necessarily the best quality. This can be explained from the applicability and economy:

Suitability means that the purchased items are based on the principle of meeting the needs, rather than blindly pursuing the best quality. Only the most suitable ones will not cause difficulties or major losses in use.

Of course, the quality aspect cannot be ignored, and a reasonable choice should be made according to the demand status of the product and the technical ability of the manufacturer.