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For a manufacturer who often needs to use stretch film, their consumption of stretch film is very considerable, so some of the inferior stretch films are also very Normal thing. So what are the main manifestations of these inferior stretch films? Yes, it is broken. After using a large amount of stretch film, there is no lack of a small part of the product that is damaged during use, and even the stretch film is directly damaged and cannot be used at all. Why does this happen?

During the production process, the equipment chain clip is damaged, and the raw material contains many impurity molecules with relatively large functional differences, which will cause the stretch film to show the phenomenon of horizontal stretch. Horizontal tension rupture is the most common in the production process. The film is easy to break when it is stretched horizontally at high speed. We generally divide the horizontal tension rupture into three types: horizontal rupture, longitudinal rupture and release rupture. In use, if the machine head leaks material or is crushed by the roller surface during operation, the film will break. The stretch film may be damaged during the production process, which is nothing more than equipment problems or man-made existence. After understanding the detailed reasons, we can solve this problem in the production process. At the same time, the equipment can also be inspected before the operation. Perhaps it is a certain training operation for the operator, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of product damage.

The use of stretch film products is very important to us, because we need to wrap stretch film for product packaging, so it must be free from damage and other problems. This article only explains to a certain extent If you want to reduce the damage rate of the stretch film, you should choose a more reliable stretch film manufacturer like Zhiteng.

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