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The victory of the Italian packaging industry mainly depends on: First, the sensitive product system and active technological innovation. The second is customer-oriented. In order to meet the requirements of different customers, Italian Machinery has spent a lot of effort in planning, testing, quality inspection, and customer analysis. White-collar workers account for 65% of the total number of employees. The third is that large-scale groups are highly comprehensive, and small and medium-sized enterprises seek refinement and expertise. Fourth, the entire industrial framework that the company relies on is very sophisticated and focuses on cultivating youthful strength.

All Italian products have benefited from the increase in exports, but at different levels. Regarding the weighing and labeling machinery of pre-packaged items, although their proportion in the export composition is second only to the filling, sealing, capsule, labeling, and boxing machinery, they are also close to 30 % To 70%. These machines, which ranked first in output, increased by 17.6% in 2002 over the previous year, but suffered a 7.2% decline in 2003.

The export results to Asia in 2003 were gratifying (an increase of 4.2% over the previous year). Dongguan PE transparent stretch film mainly relies on the operation in the Chinese market and the recovery of the Japanese market.

On the one hand, South Korea’s exports have fallen. On the other hand, SARS has not prevented China from becoming Italy’s fourth largest distribution market. The top three are Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Imports from Europe and the United States are falling, while demand from Asia is growing. For Europe, the decline in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is very obvious, while Sweden (limited to related products in the beverage industry), France, and the United Kingdom are growing. The U.S. share in Italy continued to shrink, dropping to 6%. Japan and China’s shares in 2004 were 2.6% and 1%, respectively, but both are growing.

Greece’s growing packaging industry from time to time is one of the most vibrant industries in Greece.

Products can be divided into semi-flexible packaging materials (bottles, bags, paper, film) and hard packaging materials (containers, drum storage tanks, barrel beer glasses, large containers, cups, vases, small containers). In recent years, large-scale enterprises in the Banco region have shown a tendency to expand abroad. In addition, many companies have expanded their product categories to gain market share through mergers and acquisitions. The demand for plastic packaging materials mainly comes from the country, which has increased greatly in recent years. In the past 10 years, domestic consumption of plastic packaging materials has climbed at an annual growth rate of 5.2%. Food processing is a major industry in the Greek economy, giving investors excellent opportunities. For a long time, agriculture has been the backbone of Greece's economy. In recent years, the basic equipment of the Greek economy has been modernized and fully integrated into the European Union. In the face of the ever-changing modern society and the needs of a large number of tourists, the adjustment of consumption technology has resulted in great changes in agriculture. A EU study on food processing in Greece listed several development trends. Among them, the trend of canning and heat treatment will be to use tin cans (17%), glass containers (8%), and plastic containers (64%). And carton (11%). At the same time, I believe that the great potential and positioning of local raw materials lies in the separation of export and product diversification, which will bring about considerable development. Greece's consumption of plastic packaging materials is the least in Europe, so there is still room for development, as long as plastics can seize a larger share in the competition with other materials.

If the existing conditions remain unchanged, in the next two years, the annual growth of plastic packaging can be maintained at 2% to 3%.

The average annual growth rate of domestic consumption of paper and cartons from 1993 to 2002 was 5.2%. The high cost of PE transparent stretch film transportation in Dongguan limits imports, so Greece's consumer demand is mainly met by domestic consumption. Paper packaging for liquids (milk, beverages and tomato products) is mainly imported.

Belgium Belgium is the country with the highest per capita consumption and processing of plastics. The packaging industry is divided into paper, box, metal, wood and glass packaging, but the most important is plastic packaging.

The consumption of metal surface plates reached 110,000 tons in 2004.

90% of packaging items belong to the tertiary industry, and the secondary industry only accounts for 10%. Paper and boxes account for 45% and are mainly used for packaging of agricultural products. Other products come from the chemical, machinery, and metal instrument industries. The main consumer manufacturers are SCA Belgian Packaging, VPK Packaging, Asdoman Packaging, Kappa and Stone Carton Factory.

The per capita share of plastic products in Belgium is 430 kg, and the per capita PE transparent stretch film plastic processed products in Dongguan is about 175 kg. Most film products are made of plastics, and blown films and injection films are commonly used products in the plastic packaging industry. Due to the variety of processing technologies and wrists, plastic packaging can be cut and manufactured according to product needs to meet various needs of customers.

Packaging products made of plastic are divided into flexible packaging and rigid packaging: the total output value of flexible packaging (metal foil packaging, packaging bags, packaging bags in boxes, etc.) is 829 million euros, with exports accounting for 89%. The total output value of rigid packaging is 404 million euros, with exports accounting for 65%.

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