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Stretch film can be divided into manual stretch film and machine stretch film during production. Machine-use stretch films are generally used with stretch film machines, while manual stretch films require purely manual operations to package items. Today, the editor tells you what problems should be paid attention to when using manual stretch film?

When using a manual stretch film, be sure to wind it one full circle, and then wind a few more times, and the stretch film should wrap the entire top. Stretch film has a certain degree of toughness, so it must be tightened when packaging, so as to ensure that the items will not be scattered during transportation or handling.

Manually stretched film can be divided into many specifications according to its width and thickness. Different specifications of stretched film have different tensile forces. The tensile force of the packaging machine is generally relatively large, and the stretch film used is relatively thick. If the manually stretched film is used on the winding machine, it will be forcibly broken. Therefore, the manual stretch film cannot be used on the winding machine.