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Hand-use stretch film generally refers to a width of less than 50 cm, with the help of a stretcher to directly wrap the goods, which is flexible and convenient to use, because it has the following 11 advantages.

1. Curing adhesive with special composition. Provides excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, and does not leave any adhesive traces.

2. The hand stretch film can be easily bent. The maintenance edges that form a curve to a circle will not be broken.

3. Perseverance. The stickiness of the hand stretch film itself can still provide adequate persistence even under heavy pressure.

4. Easy to tear. It is easy to operate, even if there is no scissors or blade when using it.

5. Adherence. The hand stretch film can fit on the surface of high curvature, and the thickness is satisfied without the need to make up.

6. Moderate unwinding power. Simple operation with unwinding force that is neither too heavy nor too light.

7. Smoothness. The base material of the stretch film for hands is smooth and does not create a sensation on the skin of users.

8. Not easy to break into pieces. Hand stretch film will not actively distribute dividends to multiple pieces.

9. The stickiness that develops in an instant. The hand stretch film is sticky when touched.

10. Solvent resistance. The base material of crepe paper can be saturated with solvent.

11. The color will not drop at all.