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Stretch film is inseparable in industrial packaging, logistics, and transportation of goods. It can prevent dust, moisture, and prevent goods from collapsing. Generally, customers who use stretch film wrapping film use hand pull Stretching film is the main one. There is also a machine-stretched film for large items, which is machine-wrapped. What is the difference between these two usages? Let's explain to you in detail below.

Machine wrapping is to place the object to be wrapped in the middle of the turntable, and the turntable motor is activated to drive the turntable to rotate, naturally wrapping the wrapping film evenly on the surface of the object.

At the same time, the elevator motor is also started to drive the film frame to move up and down, so as to achieve the film wrapping in the height direction of the object. This realizes the film wrapping of the entire surface of the object. Customers with a large amount of use are generally recommended to use The machine wrapping film can reduce the labor of workers, and the machine wrapping film is a little tighter than the manual wrapping film. One person using the machine wrapping film can complete all the actions.

The use of hand stretch film is to firmly wrap the scattered products into a whole, so as to improve the efficiency of handling and avoid scattering and loss. Whether it is used for collective product packaging or cargo pallet packaging, it can achieve moisture and dust resistance.

The use of machine winding is quick and efficient. The goods are packaged by Gong Zheng, which can not be replaced by some labor. The advantage of hand stretch film is that it can be operated anytime and anywhere, with a small use area and flexible use.