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4Industry information

Stretch film can be divided into: LLDPE stretch film, stretch stretch film, PE stretch film, PE stretch stretch film, LLDPE stretch stretch film, PE slit stretch film, etc.

The principle of stretch film: With the help of the film's super winding force and retractability, Dongguan PE transparent stretch film bundles the product into a unit compactly and fixedly, so that the scattered small parts become a whole, even in unfavorable environments. There is also no looseness and separation, and no sharp edges and stickiness to avoid damage.

The characteristics of the stretch film: It has high tensile strength and tear resistance. Dongguan PE transparent stretch film has good self-adhesiveness, so it can wrap the object into a whole and prevent it from falling and falling during transportation. The film also has excellent transparency, the wrapped object is beautiful and generous, and can make the object waterproof, dustproof and damage-proof.

Stretch film application range: hardware, minerals, chemicals, medicine, food, daily necessities, machinery, etc.

Stretch film thickness: 0.02-0.90mm (special specifications can be customized)

Stretch film width: 30-2600mm (special specifications can be customized)

The stretch film has complete colors, complete specifications, low prices, and timely delivery. Welcome new and old customers to consult and order!

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