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4Industry information

1. When heating oily food, keep the plastic wrap and the food in a separate state, and do not make the two directly contact. Because when the food is heated, the food oil may reach a very high temperature, causing the plastic wrap to break and stick to the food.

2. When heating food, you should cover the utensils with plastic wrap, and then use toothpicks and other needles to pierce a few small holes in the plastic wrap. The Dongguan plastic wrap manufacturer facilitates the evaporation of water and prevents the plastic wrap due to gas expansion. blasting.

3. The maximum heat-resistant temperature marked on each brand of cling film is different, and some differ by about 10°C. When the temperature in the microwave is higher, it will generally reach about 110°C. If you need to heat for a long time, you can choose heat-resistant High-performance plastic wrap.

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