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4Industry information

There are still many customers in the market who need stretched film, because some people need stretched film with a large number of varieties and specifications, and the purchase demand is large, so you must find one Manufacturers who can purchase one-stop purchases are the best. If you find a manufacturer, it’s best to find the one that suits your own manufacturer. Our stretch film has been in the industry for more than ten years. Let’s let the editor of Zhiteng come here. Introduce, according to what factors should users choose stretch film manufacturers?

First, the product must be qualified

It is very important for the product to be qualified. To meet our requirements, the stretch film produced by the manufacturer must meet the characteristics of the product. For example, it is bright, has good tensile properties, and has good retractability. Such a manufacturer is the one we are looking for.

Second, the manufacturer’s advanced production equipment

This factory where you can visit the manufacturer, in which you have to see the production machine of the product, it is best to have a 5-layer co-extrusion film machine, which can ensure that the stretch film we use is normally supplied for production Instead of being here during this time, it is made in other places during other times, so the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Three, manufacturers' one-stop sourcing strength

The strength of a company represents whether the company has the strength of one-stop procurement and supply. Once there are many styles and large quantities, such as: stretch film colors can be divided into hundreds of colors, and food grades are divided into customer needs Specifications etc. A company with small strength cannot do it within a certain period of time, so it will inevitably find other manufacturers, so there is no way to ensure the quality of the stretch film produced. If the customer needs a series of packaging equipment! So one-stop sourcing strength is very important.

Four. The number of customers cooperating with the manufacturer

Assuming that there are few customers, it means that this stretch film manufacturer has just started. Assuming a certain number, what is the strength of these manufacturers? In the current society, it is a strong and powerful society. A very powerful company is very Rarely find a relatively small company to cooperate.

Fifth, the establishment time of the manufacturer

It is best to have 10 years. A stretch film manufacturer has 10 years of professional experience, which shows that this manufacturer has passed the customer and time test. This is a must for every company. If it fails, it means that the manufacturer has not yet reached the requirements. Just being selected by society, if there is, it means that this company is worth investigating.

Six. The corporate culture of the manufacturer and the learning ability of all company employees

Because of the culture of a company, the strength of the company and its future development can be seen. Learning ability is a must for everyone in a modern society. Assuming that a company does not have the ability to learn, this manufacturer will soon be selected by the society. Because the current society is constantly changing, informatization and digitization, we will soon do not learn Don't choose, let alone a company.

In addition, we can also investigate whether manufacturers can accept customization, whether they can supply on demand, the price of their products, and the speed of delivery. In the meantime, the price of stretch film is a problem that many people care about. Many merchants ship from other factories and will make a difference in the price. Not only the quality is not guaranteed, but the after-sales service is also not guaranteed. The price and delivery speed are all There are certain problems, we have to carefully observe this.