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Using the most prone to problems in the process of stretching the film

1, the top of the oven and the air duct on a variety of volatile matter fell on the film.
2, the filter is damaged, high-quality cast piece of impurity, extrusion, vertical stretching temperature setting inappropriate;
3, the cast crystal, orientation deviation is too large; cast on a clear horizontal stripes, bubbles;
4, the castings have obvious horizontal stripes, bubbles; production process damage to the chain folder;
5, raw materials contain large differences in the performance of impurities (such as low molecular weight oil, etc.);
6, a variety of obvious transverse rupture of the former factors to further expand (longitudinal thickness fluctuations, etc.), so that local strain is too large;
7, head leakage material, Kun surface crush; extrusion, vertical stretching temperature settings.

Stretch film procurement should be selected the most suitable:
Many industries, families, individuals in the choice of materials, daily necessities, etc. often want to buy abroad, that foreign quality is better, including the procurement of stretch film is the same, but in fact, as the use of stretch film, you should choose The most suitable for business use. Stand in the procurement position, the requirements of the most suitable quality, not necessarily the best quality. This can be explained from the applicability and economy:
Suitability refers to the procurement of goods to meet the needs of the principle, rather than the blind pursuit of the best quality, only the most suitable will not cause difficulties in the use or significant losses.

Of course, can not be ignored in terms of quality, product demand for the situation, manufacturers of technical capacity, to make a reasonable choice.
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