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Environmentally friendly packaging materials which

Green materials are mainly divided into three types

Basic non-toxic harmless. Refers to the natural, no or very little toxic substances, without pollution only for a simple processing of decorative materials. Such as gypsum, talc, sand, wood and some natural stone.

Low toxicity, low emission type. Refers to the processing, synthesis and other technical means to control the accumulation of toxic and harmful substances and slow release, because of its mild toxicity to human health does not constitute a dangerous decorative materials. Such as formaldehyde emission is low, to the national standard Daixinban, plywood, fiberboard.

The current science and technology and testing methods can not determine and assess the impact of their toxic substances. Dongguan PE transparent stretch film such as environment-friendly latex paint, paint and other environmentally friendly chemical synthesis materials. These materials in the present is non-toxic harmless, but with the development of science and technology, the future may be a new identification possible. The current popular decorative materials on the market are mainly the following kinds of environmental protection: Environmental protection to wood: grass road pavement is a variety of porous pavement products in a, Dongguan PE transparent winding film made of recycled high-density polyethylene. Can reduce storm runoff, reduce surface water pollution, and can drain away surface water. Used in public facilities.

Green wall material: a newly developed aerated concrete brick, wood cutting tools can be used to shape, with a layer of thin mortar masonry, the surface with a special napping flour noodles, with heat storage effect.

Green wall decoration: grass wallpaper, linen wallpaper, silk wall covering and other products, with moisturizing, deworming, health care and other functions. Mildew wallpaper after chemical treatment, ruled out the wallpaper in the air humid or large indoor and outdoor temperature when the mold, foam, mold and other phenomena of breeding, and the surface soft, good ventilation.

Environmental protection pipe: plastic metal composite pipe, metal pipe is to replace the high-tech metal products, Dongguan PE transparent stretch film inside and outside the two layers are high-density polyethylene material, the middle of aluminum, both plastic and metal excellent performance, and not Health Rust, pollution-free.

Green paint: bio-latex paint, in addition to simple construction there are a variety of colors, to bring home fun colors. Brush will be distributed after bursts of fragrance, you can also brush or use a cleaner for treatment, can inhibit the mold within the wall. Environmental lighting: This is a way to save energy, protect the environment for the purpose of the lighting system. Through scientific lighting design, the use of efficient, safe, high-quality lighting electrical products, to create a comfortable, economical and beneficial lighting environment.
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